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About the CityU Double Degree program
Are you a CETYS student earning a licenciatura or ingeniero (Mexican four year-degree) and also want the opportunity to simultaneously work on an American degree?

Together, City University of Seattle and CETYS offer three Double Degree programs through a unique partnership. As a CETYS student, you may earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) if you are enrolled in the School of Business, a Bachelor of Arts in Management (B.A.M.) if you are enrolled in the School of Engineering or a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology (B.A.A.P.) if you are enrolled in the Psychology degree program. Students in the Organizational Psychology program may apply for the B.A.M. program as well.

*Other programs available soon. Please contact the program coordinator listed below for additional information.

In the Double Degree programs, students learn from expert faculty in their field and spend two consecutive summers abroad at CityU of Seattle sites in Seattle, Wash. and Europe. The typical length of each stay is about three weeks.

Upon successful completion, students will receive one of three Double Degree combinations: a CETYS licenciatura in business and a CityU B.S.B.A. or a CETYS ingeniero and CityU B.A.M. (Organizational Psychology students will earn a licenciatura in Psychology) or a CETYS licenciatura in Psychology and a CityU B.A.A.P. More than 90 students have graduated from the Double Degree program since its introduction.

For more information, please contact Lic. Grethel Nevarez, Double Degree program coordinator. Also, visit the CETYS Double Degree program website.

About the CETYS and CityU partnership
CETYS University System, founded in 1961 just as City University, is non-profit institution that strongly promotes internationalization. Thanks to these and many other similarities, in 2005 the two institutions signed a collaboration agreement that allows CETYS students to graduate with a Double Degree. The inter-institutional relationship has grown steadily. At the beginning, the program was offered only to students in the area of Business Administration; today, students in Engineering careers and Organizational Psychology can get a degree both in Mexico and in the foreign institution.

In June 2012, the cooperation agreement was renewed, allowing CETYS University to take on actions arising from its Strategic Development Plan, which states a commitment to its mission and to high-quality programs in order to transcend into international recognition.

Approval and Accreditation
CETYS, besides being noted as a high-quality institution in the Northwestern region of Mexico, is among the 12 best university systems in the country according to a study by the Ministry of Education. It has also been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), becoming the first university outside the United States to receive this accreditation.