Who is the Librarian for My Program?


Program Librarian
Advising Department Tammy Salman
ASOE Alt-Routes Jennifer Bodley
ASOE Endorsements Jennifer Bodley
ASOE Performance-Based Jennifer Bodley
BA Applied Psychology Tammy Salman
BA Education Jennifer Bodley
BA Human Services Tammy Salman
BA Management Carolyne Begin
BS Accounting Tammy Salman
BS Business Administration Carolyne Begin
BS Computer Systems Carolyne Begin
BS Criminal Justice Theresa Gehrig
BS General Studies Jennifer Bodley
BS Healthcare Administration Jennifer Bodley
BS Information Systems Carolyne Begin
BS Marketing Carolyne Begin
BS Project Management Carolyne Begin
Doctor of Education in Leadership Tammy Salman
English Language Program Theresa Gehrig
Human Resources Theresa Gehrig
MA Counseling / Master of Counselling (US and Canada) Tammy Salman
MA Leadership Theresa Gehrig
Master in Teaching Jennifer Bodley
Master of Business Administration Theresa Gehrig
Master of Education (all US and BC) Tammy Salman
MS Computer Systems Carolyne Begin
MS Information Security Carolyne Begin
MS Project Management Carolyne Begin
Prior Learning Assessment Theresa Gehrig
World Languages Theresa Gehrig