In the real world, there's no substitute for experience. The more you have, the better.

At CityU, we combine our experience with yours to improve your chances for success and help you efficiently earn a degree that's respected across the globe. We deliver a student experience that's practical and impactful, so you're fully prepared for the road ahead. Climb higher. Go further. Get ahead faster than you ever thought possible with CityU—where experience means opportunity.

Kate Peterson
Kate Peterson
Susanna "While on campus, I liked to listen to the work experiences of my classmates and professors. It was great and it made me think about better ways to problem solve while on the job. Now my ultimate goal, no matter the location, is to be a successful business woman."

- Susanna, MBA and Master of Science in Project Management
Kate Peterson "City University of Seattle is a flexible choice for a working adult. As a graduate student I was able to continue working full time, attend school on the weekends and take on student teaching internships in several different environments. The most amazing part of my academic journey was being able to teach at a school in Italy during the last quarter of my program. And because of CityU of Seattle I can say I’ve met people from many walks of life and have made lifelong connections as a result. I know all of these experiences will help me realize my dream of becoming a teacher."

- Kate Peterson, Master in Teaching
Our Experience Matters
CityU is one of the largest, private, not-for-profit universities in the Pacific Northwest with more than 45,000 graduates and counting.

From CEOs to entrepreneurs, our instructors are professionals with real world experience. They have advanced degrees and work, lead and manage in the fields they teach. Their experience becomes your experience; what you learn in class, you can immediately apply to your life and career.

CityU is one of the nation's pioneers in meeting the educational needs of adults and working professionals. Always innovating, we've done whatever it takes throughout the years to help people just like you earn a degree without sacrificing their career. During the 1970s, that meant teaching courses to commuters on ferryboats crossing Puget Sound. Today, that means providing the convenience and flexibility of day, evening and weekend classes onsite at 27 locations and online from anywhere in the world.

CityU is globally experienced with locations and partnerships throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, China, and Australia. We incorporate an international, global perspective in all our programs, so you can excel in a world that's more connected than ever.

Your Experience Matters
At CityU, your credits will transfer—without hassle. If you're an undergrad, you can seamlessly transfer up to 90 college-level credits from technical and community colleges, with or without a prior degree.

At CityU, life experience counts. Through our Prior Learning Assessment program, you can earn up to 45 undergraduate credits (saving up to one year toward the completion of a degree) for valuable experience gained outside the classroom. Your volunteer activities, employment, hobbies, and travel may count as prior learning experience.

Served in the military? Your military training and experience (ACE Credits) count as college credit, too.

Thinking about graduate school? Standardized entrance exams (such as the GRE, MAT or GMAT) aren't required for admission to our graduate programs. At CityU, it's not about testing in—it's about your experience.

Student Experience Matters
At CityU, you're a person, not a number. Our average class size is 20. Smaller classes ensure you receive the personal attention you need.

At CityU, we provide an empowering learning environment that's student-centered and results-oriented. You and your classmates are encouraged to share work and life experiences during classroom discussions for enhanced learning and a vibrant exchange of ideas.

At CityU, your education is hands-on. How hands-on? Take what you learn in the classroom and put it to work in the real world through internship. Gain valuable experience where it matters most all while working towards your degree.