Summary of Credentials

China Faculty Academic Credentials
The core faculty of CityU in China is comprised of 50 professors who regularly teach in China. Their years of teaching knowledge is well balanced with about one third who have 20 years teaching and training experience, one third with more than 10 years experience and one third with less than 10 years teaching and training experience.

Nevertheless, they are all experienced in teaching to Chinese professionals, moreover they have spent years as executive trainers for leaders of the U.S. and European industry.

About 68 percent of CityU’s faculty members for China have Ph.D. or JD degrees and 32 percent have master degrees.

They are all seasoned professionals who are active in the business world and in the subject matter they teach.

The SEEI (Shanghai Education Evaluation Institute) Expert Report highlighted the following points about CityU programs in China:

  • "The professional courses taught in English are highly recognized by the alumni."
  • "Faculty is professional, committed, and with high competencies."

China Faculty Corporate Credentials
About 63 percent of the CityU’s China faculty members hold positions such as CEO, President, VP and CIO. About 11 percent are tenure professors at traditional U.S. universities, 11 percent are full-time directors at CityU and the remaining 15 percent hold technical and project management leadership positions.

Their experience comes from the following companies where they have served at the executive level. They are: IBM, Boeing, Microsoft, Dow Chemical, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Haiwei, Daimler Benz, Nike, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Phillips, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and GE.

China Faculty International Credentials
CityU’s faculty for China is truly international. Overall, the cadre of professors includes those who are of eight different nationalities, speak nine languages, and have a track record of living and working on five continents (North and South America, Asia, Europe, and South Africa).

The faculty for China is hired, oriented, observed and monitored. They receive development coaching by Dr. Mariella Remund, Regional Director Academic Affairs China.