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CityU is committed to growing our graduate-level education and expanding opportunities for students. Our CityU 2020 strategic plan directs us to develop at least one new differentiated graduate program annually in a discipline that is aligned with the evolving job demands of the Pacific Northwest.

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Collaboration is a pillar of what has made the National University System a true leader in redefining learning in the 21st Century. Through the System, our higher education affiliates each bring unique talents and strengths that define their institutions and allow us to collectively offer a wide range of services, such as shared student support systems and career-enhancing academic pathways, that benefit our students and lifelong learners.

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When she left school decades ago, Rebecca started a career in the restaurant and hospitality industry and worked her way up from a server to a general manager. Now, at 53, she’s going back to finish her bachelor’s in management.

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Transitioning from the classroom into a real-world working environment can be challenging, but Master of Arts in Counseling student Cash Cada feels prepared. Experience he gained from his practicum and graduate assistantship have set him up for success at his nine-month internship.