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We have the privilege of helping students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their chosen professions at City University of Seattle. Responsibility comes with that privilege. While our main goal is helping students complete their academic programs and cross the finish line, our commitment to support our students does not end at graduation.

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I am proud that the National University System is dedicated to delivering an exceptional student experience to every learner, focused on student success, and ensuring programs and degrees are market-relevant and aligned with workforce needs. As the population of adult learners continues to grow alongside technological advancement, the demand for new education models and high-choice academic pathways also grow.

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Impressively, Melissa worked her way up for most of her career without a college degree, but with her sights set on a promotion, she decided to go back to school.

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The opportunity to make a positive difference in students’ lives is at the core of why many teachers choose to be teachers. Kristine Keilwitz was no different – deep down she felt that pull toward education – but as a single mother of two, the time was never right.

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Seattle draws thousands of tourists each year, particularly during its sunshine-filled warmer months. Among the visitors in July was Daniel from Mexicali, Mexico. While he did take in sights including the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and Columbia Tower, he also took three classes toward his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree.