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Second chances: Woman pursues dream of becoming a teacher

It’s never too late to do what you might’ve done, or to pursue a new dream. That’s what City University of Seattle alumna Pennie Crawford believes.

Jason Smith at Rogers High School

Alumnus goes from the classroom to the principal’s office

Jason was inspired to transition from a high school English teacher to a principal by encouraging administrators, but first he had to earn his principal certification.


CityU and Puyallup School District partner to educate new principals

City University of Seattle and the Puyallup School District are joining together in a unique way to help train the next generation of school principals. Through this partnership, teachers in the south Puget Sound region will be able to earn their Washington State Principal Residency Certificate.


Alternative Teaching Certification: Start Your Teaching Career

Washington and many other states throughout the nation desperately need teachers. “In the last five years, the demand for new teachers in Washington’s elementary, middle and high schools increased by 250 percent,” according to John Higgins, education reporter for The…