Available Programs for International Students on F-1 Student Visas

Seattle Area Specialty Programs

Undergraduate Programs (Baccalaureate)

Minimum of 45 transferrable university quarter credits required for students on student visas. Please be advised that at this time, CityU does not accept any student visa holders who seek to enter the Bachelor degree programs as freshmen/students without any transfer credits.

Graduate Programs (Master)

To inquire about other CityU Master degree programs, please e-mail the international student office.

About the Language Assisted MBA

  • Advanced English language learners take MBA courses while continuing to work on their language and academic skills
  • Consists of two elements: MBA courses taught by regular MBA instructors, and the ELP class taught by ELP professionals
  • MBA classes meet once a week per class for three hours; ELP class meets twice a week for two hours each, with an additional online component
  • After successful completion of ELP 80, 81, 85 and 89, students may take non-assisted MBA classes
  • Offered at the Seattle, WA location only

Graduate Certificate Programs

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Please email international admissions for information.

    Vancouver B.C.

    Please email our international admissions team to learn more.