From a Class
A student who plans to withdraw from a class after the start of the quarter, or after financial aid has disbursed, must notify both their Financial Aid Counselor as well as their Academic Adviser. Adjustments to the financial aid award may be necessary. Students who have received a refund may be asked to return all or a portion of the funds. Students who are considered unofficially withdrawn from a course may also be asked to return all or a portion of the funds sent in a refund. Owing a repayment of financial aid makes the student ineligible for future financial aid until the repayment has been satisfied.

From CityU
If you're registered and need to leave CityU, you should formally withdraw so we can cancel or adjust your financial aid. Withdrawal calculations will be done according to the Federal Refund and Repayment requirement. Any refunds will go to reimburse financial aid funds first.

For further clarification, please read the complete City University of Seattle Withdrawal Advising and Financial Outcome Estimates notice.