How to Apply

Applying for financial aid can be a time consuming process, but City University of Seattle's Financial Aid Advisors can help answer questions you may have as you work your way through it.

We've broken down the general application process below. While this won't match everyone's situation perfectly, it's a great place to start if you have never applied for financial aid in the past. Please note that most of the forms listed below can be found on CityU's forms page.

Step 1: Complete an application to City University of Seattle. Continuing students must meet all of the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.

Step 2: Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the upcoming academic year. Summer Quarter is the first term of financial aid awards at CityU.

  • City University of Seattle's Federal School Code Number is 013022. Be sure to follow all the prompts and recommendations on the site, including registering for a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Step 3: First-time borrowers at CityU should go to to complete the Entrance Counseling and Federal Subsidized or Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Step 4: Your FAFSA data will be processed within 24 to 48 hours, and then you'll receive an Electronic Student Aid Report (SAR). If all was filled out correctly, City University of Seattle should receive your FAFSA data electronically approximately one week later. If you did not include CityU's Federal School Code Number on your FAFSA – provided above – you can add it to your FAFSA by revisiting or by calling 1.800.4FEDAID. If your SAR information shows that you were selected for a process called “verification”, CityU will contact you and walk you through how to submit the following required documents:

  • Independent Verification Worksheet or Dependent Verification Worksheet (if you were required to put parent tax information on your FAFSA) for the award year in question.
  • IRS Tax Return Transcript for tax year data reported on your FAFSA. If we are able to confirm your income through the use of the FAFSA online IRS Data Retrieval Process, a Tax Return Transcript will not be required:
    • If you are married and filed separately, we will also need your spouse's Tax Return Transcript.
    • If you are a dependent student, we will also need your parent's Tax Return Transcript.
Step 5: Respond to any emails that you receive from CityU's Financial Aid Office; it will keep your application moving forward. Summer and fall quarters are the busiest time at CityU, so processing can take up to 8 weeks. If we do not need anything from you, financial aid will not contact you.

Step 6: Check your CityU email! Upon receiving and reviewing all of your documents, financial aid will calculate your eligibility for Federal Student Aid programs and notify you of your award package through your CityU email.

Step 7: The FAFSA application and award notification process are repeated for each year of enrollment.

If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office, or call CityU at 1.800.426.5596.