Applying Financial Aid to Your Account

Placing Funds on Student Accounts

Here's how different types of financial aid will be applied to your student account:

  • CityU Scholarships
    Will be applied to your account approximately the third week of the quarter.
  • Non CityU Scholarships
    Scholarships from outside sources will come to City University of Seattle as a paper check, and be applied to your account automatically. If the organization requires that you endorse the check, it will be mailed to you to endorse and return to City University of Seattle. Once the check has been returned it will be applied to your account.
  • Grants
    Pell and FSEOG grants will be applied to your account approximately the second week of the quarter.
  • Stafford Loans (Subsidized and Unsubsidized)
    Stafford Loans are applied to your account electronically provided all paperwork is complete. Funds are first released to City University of Seattle within the second or third week of the quarter and, provided that all processing has been successfully completed, City University of Seattle will continue to receive funds throughout the quarter every week thereafter. Excess funds will be released within 14 days; see Refund Checks to Students.
  • Private Education Loans
    Private Education Loans are sent to City University of Seattle electronically. The funds can be applied to your account up to 10 days prior to the first day of class.

Refund Checks

The Business Office processes refunds electronically (when funds are received) and it takes about 14 days. CityU uses direct deposit for refunds and this can be set up through a student’s bank account. Students should log into the Student Service Center Finance section to set up direct deposit. Refunds processed by Friday will be deposited into a student’s bank account by the following Tuesday. Students who haven’t signed up for direct deposit and have their refunds processed by Friday will receive a check. All checks are mailed the following Monday to the student’s address on file.

Payment Options

If you still have a balance owed after financial aid has been applied to your account, you'll need to make arrangements with our business office to settle your balance.


Registration, grades, transcripts and diplomas will be held until all charges have been paid and your account has been cleared.