Admissions Requirements


Generally, our degree programs are open to applicants who:
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent, such as a GED)
  • Meet any specific admissions requirements, depending on the program
  • Are ready to benefit from post-secondary education


Admission to a graduate-level program usually requires students to:
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree (or equivalent) from an accredited or otherwise recognized institution
  • Meet any specific admissions requirements, depending on the program
Your undergraduate major doesn't need to match up with your graduate program. For example, if you majored in art history, only to discover the job market for art historians wasn't so hot, that's fine - you can make the switch to a new area of study at CityU.

Standardized entrance tests (such as the GRE, MAT or GMAT) are not required for admission to our graduate programs.


Please refer to the admission requirements listed at the doctoral program.

International Students

Please contact an admissions advisor to learn more about additional admissions criteria that may apply. You can also find more information in our international students section.

All Students

Except for the English Language Program, all incoming students must demonstrate a college-level proficiency in English. Read our English Proficiency Policy to learn more.

Transferring to CityU

If you began your academic career at another college or university, you're welcome to get your degree at CityU. We'll work with you to get your transcripts, evaluate the coursework you completed, and discuss how it applies to our programs. Questions about transferring to CityU? Contact an admissions advisor.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Many incoming undergraduate students have spent a lot of quality time in the real world already, earning valuable experience outside the classroom. Our PLA program translates that experience into college credit - giving you a well-earned head start on completing your degree.

Want more details about the PLA program? Download the information sheet (PDF).