Diploma Information

At Commencement, diploma covers are presented to all graduates. Students who have earned academic honors also receive honor cords to wear. The diploma is ordered when the degree is posted and is mailed to the student during the term following the conferral date if all financial accounts are clear. (For example, if a student's conferral/graduation date was June 30 – the end of Spring term - the diploma would have been sent during Summer term.)

Students who have completed the academic requirements for a degree but have outstanding financial obligations will not be prevented from participating in Commencement; however, no diploma or transcript will be issued to such students until their financial account has been cleared.

Students who do not wish to attend the ceremony should still submit their applications and the $100 fee two quarters prior to completion of their degree program. The degree and diploma fee is strictly an administrative fee and does not cover the cost of Commencement.

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