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You already buy music, shoes and collectible Elvis figurines online - why not books? Every book for every class at CityU is available to buy online. Convenient. Accessible. Simple. Click a flag below to get started.

If you're attending class outside the U.S. or Canada, check your local site for information on how to order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my books to my incoming financial aid?
Yes, if you're a U.S. student. And only if you've been approved for financial aid and have enough funds to cover tuition, fees and other expenses for the quarter.

I charge my books to my third-party billing account?
Yes. Just provide our business office with the appropriate paperwork that shows your employer/sponsor organization has approved the purchase of books and other materials.

I don't have a credit card. How should I pay for my books?
No problem. Just mail a check or money order to the bookstore. You will receive your books as soon as your payment is processed.

I don't want to order online. How else can I get my books?
You can order from the City University of Seattle Express Bookstore by phone 1.800.621.4088. Email us for more information.

I'm overcome with school spirit and want to deck myself in CityU merchandise from head to toe. Can you help me?
Of course. You can order CityU t-shirts, mugs and more here.