Students with Special Needs

Students Needing Accommodation and Academic Support

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities and applies to all colleges, universities and other educational institutions. The focus of the provisions of this law is on integration and equality.

A university is not allowed to make pre-admission inquiries about whether a student has any disabilities. Once the individual has met the university's admission standards, that individual should not be barred from attempting to complete a course of study. Providing meaningful access to courses for persons with disabilities is not preferential treatment, it is aimed at providing equal opportunity.

When a student's disability prevents him or her from fulfilling a course requirement through conventional procedures, thoughtful consideration should be given to alternatives, keeping in mind that academic standards must be maintained.

The responsibility for determining a City University of Seattle student's eligibility for accommodation rests with the Disability Support Services office within our Admissions and Student Services division. Contact Disability Support Services at 1.800.426.5596 x5228 or via email.