Dear Friends, Colleagues, Students
and Alumni of CityU

Richard Carter It is with a great sense of purpose and enthusiasm that I begin my tenure as the sixth president in the 40-year history of City University of Seattle. In the coming year and in the years that follow, our objectives will be to advance the growth of CityU, to solidify the important global presence that is already in place, and to gain leadership in the home region of Northwest North America. CityU has great assets to draw on in the pursuit of these objectives; a talented and committed group of faculty and staff, a positive brand image, a spectacular new headquarters campus, and the resources and support that will come through its affiliation with the National University System.

The strategic driver for achievement of our objectives will be the service, support, and success of our students. This year we will pursue initiatives to achieve excellence in student service, improve our enrollment management processes and systems, and remain on course with the continuous assessment process that is fundamental to academic improvement as well as pursue specialty accreditations with national accreditors like ABET and ACBSP. CityU’s leading-edge, competency-based academic programs in management and education will scale up and roll out, and new degree programs will be introduced in Canada, U.S. and Mexico. An exciting new advertising campaign funded largely through our new affiliation with the National University System will launch on August 1, and City U will introduce a new U.S. Military and State National Guard student enrollment activity through targeted advertising and the addition of a Military Programs Manager. Finally, with accreditation by the NWCCU in early 2014, our Ed.D. program will become one of our most valuable assets, as it is promoted for online delivery to education professionals throughout the United States and abroad.

The University’s commitment to excellence has resulted in remarkable achievements. CityU serves nearly 7,000 students worldwide and more than 50,000 proud alumni who have achieved prominence in a wide variety of fields including business, government, education and nonprofit management. What is even more telling of this University’s commitment to excellence is the recent student satisfaction survey which told us that 90 percent of students who responded felt they gained new career competencies in their degree program, and over 80 percent of the surveyed alumni said that they had a positive experience at CityU. These are results to be proud of and to build on. With our core programs, the new programs planned for the coming years, and our commitment to student success, we will continue to make students’ lives better.

There are extraordinary levels of learning and professional training happening here. It is our goal to build on what has already been achieved for the betterment of our students and our institution. Please join me in pursuit of this goal. Together we will continue to make the lives of our students better as well as assure the longevity and quality of our institution.

Richard Carter
Richard E. Carter
President, City University of Seattle