Administration List

Office of the President
Richard E. Carter President
Ruth Nichols Executive Assistant
Susan Seymour Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Office of Academic Affairs
Steven Olswang, Ph.D. Provost
Kurt Kirstein, Ed.D. Associate Provost/Dean, School of Management
Craig Scheiber, Ed.D. Dean, Gordon Albright School of Education / Division of Arts and Sciences
Tom Cary, J.D. Associate Dean, School of Management
Mary Mara, M.S.L.I.S. Director of Library Affairs
Dr. Kelly Flores, Ed.D. Dean, School of Applied Leadership

Office of Admissions/Student Services
Melissa Mecham, Ed.D. Vice President, Student Services
Marianne Fingado Vice President, Enrollment Management
Amy Portwood Director, Enrollment & Advisor Development
Sabine Saway, M.B.A. Director, International Student Office
Darcy Keller Director, Student Financial Services

Division of International Operations
Jan Rebro, Ing. Vice President, European Operations
David Griffin, M.A. Dean, Academic Affairs - Europe

Office of Finance and Operations
Bruce Bryant Chief Financial Officer / Vice President of Finance and Administration
Rosalie Franklin Director, Finance
Timothy Sprake, M.S. Director, Human Resources
Kevin Brown, B.A. Director, Information Technology