Academic Model

Based on its mission statement, City University of Seattle offers high quality, student-centered, results-oriented educational opportunities that are accessible, affordable, and relevant. In order to achieve this overarching goal, City University of Seattle has articulated the assumptions, values, and expectations that constitute the core of its Academic Model and that shape the institution's approach to serving the needs and aspirations of its learners. This model is meant to provide an operational framework for implementing City University of Seattle's mission across all of its programs and locations at consistently high levels of quality.

Components of the City University of Seattle Academic Model

A Focus on Student Learning
City University of Seattle learning experiences are designed to support clearly articulated outcomes at the course, program, and institutional levels. Educational experiences are carefully designed by faculty to encourage self-directed learning within an appropriately defined structure of expectations. With the focus on applying theory to practical experience, learning activities form explicit links among the crucial abilities of an educated professional: critical thinking, self-exploration, and ethical practice. Multiple paths to demonstrating competency are available to learners when appropriate. Students are actively encouraged to define and take responsibility for their own contributions to the learning process, with the understanding that their engagement is critical for substantive learning to take place.

Reflective Practitioner Faculty
City University of Seattle faculty are highly regarded practitioners who bring real-life experience to the learning environment. They consider students to be collaborative partners in the creation of learning opportunities. To support practitioner faculty in their teaching roles, the institution provides orientation, training, mentoring, and coaching, all designed to foster a respectful and empowering learning environment. Faculty are rewarded for quality teaching and encouraged to continue their development as facilitators of learning.

Relevance to the Workplace
A City University of Seattle education is founded on carefully selected goals that are intended to provide graduates with up-to-date knowledge and practical skills required in the workplace, as well as a framework for continued development. Institution-wide learning goals that emphasize personal and professional growth are embedded in all programs offered at the University. The institution's current goals include professional competence and technical expertise, communication and interpersonal skills, critical thinking, ethical practice and community involvement, development of a diverse and global perspective, and lifelong learning. The overarching goals of a City University of Seattle education enhance the professional skills and knowledge of individuals who in turn add value to their organizations.

Service to Students
City University of Seattle strives to provide a respectful atmosphere in which all students are valued for their contribution and individual needs are honored. A diverse and international student body requires a variety of services to support the learning endeavor. The University strives to be sensitive to students and their needs, to respond in a timely and professional manner to student questions or concerns, and to uphold high standards.

Accessibility and Responsiveness
The University is committed to making high-quality learning opportunities as accessible and responsive to the needs of our diverse student population as possible. This includes maintaining affordability, removing unnecessary barriers to entry, providing support for students with differing levels of educational background and preparation, and offering a variety of class schedules and modes of delivery.

City University of Seattle Learning Goals

City University Learning Goals (CULGs) represent the critical competencies necessary to be successful in today's workforce. In addition to program learning outcomes that demonstrate knowledge and skills for an area of study, CityU students are expected to demonstrate mastery of the City University Learning Goals upon graduation. These learning goals are practiced extensively across the curriculum and within the context of progressively more challenging problems, projects, and standards.

City University of Seattle graduates exhibit professional competency and a sense of professional identity.
Our graduates bring to the workplace the knowledge and skills intrinsic to success in their professions. They understand the basic values and mission of the fields in which they are working. They are able to use the appropriate tools to facilitate their work and are able to demonstrate understanding through practical application.

City University of Seattle graduates have strong communication and interpersonal skills.
City University of Seattle graduates are able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. They are able to interact and work with others in a collaborative manner as well as to negotiate difficult interpersonal situations to bring about solutions to problems that benefit all involved.

City University of Seattle graduates demonstrate critical thinking and information literacy.
City University of Seattle graduates are able to think critically and to reflect upon their own work and the larger context in which it takes place. They are able to find, access, evaluate, and use information in order to solve problems. They consider the complex implications of actions they take and decisions they make.

City University of Seattle graduates demonstrate a strong commitment to ethical practice and service in their professions and communities.
City University of Seattle graduates take responsibility for their own actions and exhibit high standards of conduct in their professional lives. They are aware of the ethical expectations of their profession and hold themselves accountable to those standards.

City University of Seattle graduates demonstrate diverse and global perspectives.
City University of Seattle graduates embrace the opportunity to work collaboratively with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, and to learn from the beliefs, values, and cultures of others. They realize that varied viewpoints bring strength and richness to the workplace. City University of Seattle graduates demonstrate an awareness of the interrelation of diverse components of a project or situation.

City University of Seattle graduates are lifelong learners.
In a world where knowledge and skills must be constantly updated, City University of Seattle graduates are inquisitive and self-directed in seeking out ways to continue learning throughout their lifetimes.